Pigmented lesions are spots or marks that appear on the skin with a different color than the rest of the skin. The spots on the skin usually appear on the arms, hands, neckline, or face and for best treatment dermatologist in Abu Dhabi.

The most frequent types of skin blemishes are lentigines, age spots, acne blemishes, melasmas, freckles and moles. Most of these skin spots appear due to genetic, hormonal or sun exposure factors.

Types Of Skin Spots Why Do Skin Spots Appear?

Most types of skin blemishes are benign and appear due to multiple factors such as exposure to ultraviolet rays, hormonal changes, or genetic factors. Generally, they do not suppose a clinical concern but they do represent an aesthetic one.

Lentils. Age Spots

What are lentigines? Lentigines are benign skin spots that appear due to prolonged exposure to the sun. The curious thing about these skin spots is that they do not appear just after exposing the skin to ultraviolet rays, but rather appear when the skin begins to age, which is why we also call these senile spots.

Age Spots. Sunspots

Why do sun spots or age spots appear? Age spots are also known as solar lentigines, as they occur for the same reason. Prolonged and continuous exposure to the sun produces hyperpigmentation in the area, darkening in the form of a spot.

Acne Spots. Hormonal Spots

It usually causes Acne by hormonal changes that affect puberty and adolescence to a greater extent. However, they can occur at any time in life. Acne problems can affect the appearance of acne spots or scars on the skin of the face, neckline and back.

Melasmas. Pregnancy Spots

What are melasmas? Melasmas usually appear on the face in the form of symmetrical spots. This type of spots is very common in pregnancy and in people with high phototypes, that is, with darker skin. The appearance of melasmas is associated with hormonal changes and genetic factors.

Freckles Genetic Stains

Why do I get freckles? Freckles are a type of benign skin blemishes, which, unlike melasmas, occur more frequently in low phototypes or fair skin. There are different types of freckles, some appear from birth and others during childhood and youth. Freckles appear due to sun exposure or genetic factors.

How To Remove All Kinds of Skin Blemishes Completely?

There are many treatments that try to fade skin blemishes such as simple peels, through creams and skin exfoliations. However, these treatments do not achieve definitive results in removing all types of skin blemishes.

To Completely Remove All Types of Skin Blemishes, We Can Use Laser Technology.

Sometimes it is necessary to use other more innovative techniques to eliminate the types of blemishes on the skin. Laser technology to remove pigmented lesions is a very safe, simple, and painless treatment that manages to remove all types of skin blemishes in just a few sessions.

How Does the Laser Work to Remove Skin Blemishes?

In our advanced aesthetic centers, the pico-laser uses, a type of laser with double wavelength, very expensive and that acts in picoseconds to eliminate all types of skin blemishes. We specially designed this type of laser to remove skin blemishes, in any area, remove blemishes on the face, blemishes on the hands and blemishes on the neckline.

We are a group of laser hair removal and tattoo removal clinics, advanced aesthetics and medicate corner with an innovative model.  

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