An excessive sweating condition known as hyperhidrosis occurs when the body produces an abnormal amount of sweat. Occasionally, you may notice it in your armpits, hands, feet, scalp. Or even generally if you have experienced a generalized outbreak. We offer best to treat excessive sweating at Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi.

Sweating Regulates the Temperature

Sweating is one of the mechanisms that the body uses in order to regulate the temperature of the body. In other words, it occurs when the body temperature increases. It is the body's nature to sweat in order to keep itself cool. There are times, however, when you sweat too much. This phenomenon is known as hyperhidrosis.


In some cases, hyperhidrosis may cause by an infection, or may it cause by lymphoma (should always thoroughly investigate the cases to determine a reason). But in most cases, it causes an idiopathic alteration, which means we are not aware of why it occurs.

Emotional Damage Self-Esteem

Despite the fact that it is an illness which does not have any physical risks. The emotional damage caused by this disease is very important. Because of this, every day we see patients in our clinics that have to choose what clothes to wear. Where to go with their friends, or even whether to shake hands with someone. It results in lowering her self-esteem, and consequently, ignored by people when greeting her.

Treatments Available for Hyperhidrosis

Fortunately, dermatologists today have a wide range of safe and effective treatments available to help patients suffering from hyperhidrosis. Among these methods are antiperspirant deodorants, oral oxybutynin, botulinum toxin (Botox) or even surgery. In fact, the treatment that has most changed the treatment of hyperhidrosis is the laser treatment. Microwave technology, in particular, has become increasingly popular in recent years in axillary areas.

As a result of the device. As the name suggests, it involves the process of eliminating sweat glands by means of heat. We perform the procedure in one or two sessions under local anesthesia, and is a permanent procedure.

Using Non-Ionizing Radiation for Skin

As a type of non-ionizing radiation (that is, it does not cause harm to humans, which is why we have them at home) microwave waves act in areas where there is more water (which is why we use them at home to heat water for food).

In the skin, the area between the dermis and the fat is the area with the highest water content. This is because it is where the sweat glands are located. Therefore, this system selectively destroys the cells of this layer of the skin.

Results Being Very Positive

As I mentioned, the results are very positive not just in terms of reducing hyperhidrosis. But also, in terms of reducing smelly odors (bromhidrosis). As it destroys the apocrine glands as well, and what is even better is that the results are permanent. As a result of our treatment of more than 700 patients over the past several years, we know that after just one session, our patients sweat approximately half of what they did before. That is to say, they continue to sweat, however, their quality of life is what it should be.

System, Selectively Abolishes

Thus, as a result of this system, selectively abolishes the cells that are located on this layer of the skin. Not only is the result very good when it comes to reducing hyperhidrosis, but also the result is very effective when it comes to reducing an unpleasant odor (bromhidrosis) since it also destroys the apocrine glands, and what is even better is that it is permanent.


We treated more than 700 patients with more than a dozen treatment cycles have by us. Patients sweat after 1 session, but at half the rate of what they sweated previously. Meaning they continue to sweat, but their quality-of-life increases.

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